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Center for Reproductive Rights

From 2009-2012, I produced, shot and edited video in-house at CRR, crafting everything from PSAs to short documentaries to graphics-heavy explainers.

Since then, I've taken on a new challenge as the Senior Director of IT, while my video work continues with some of the projects below.

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House Slate

To help fans get more out of Game of Thrones, in 2015 I co-created House, serving as a host and writer. We offered a fast-paced mix of insight, predictions and backstory, and we look forward to a new season in 2016!

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The Orange Couch

Mad Men was the most literary show on TV, structured more like a mid-century novel than a traditional drama. We created the Orange Couch to examine the hidden depth of every episode, and our 3500+ subscribers hung on every episode (check the YouTube comments!). I served as editor, co-host and co-writer.

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Draftguys TV

Draftguys TV was pretty revolutionary for 2007-2009 online video. We made 50+ episodes per season evaluating talent in the NFL Draft for ON Networks. I produced, shot and edited every episode, capturing exclusive footage of draft workouts and conducting dozens of interviews.

The 5 Minute Drill

The 5 Minute Drill was the first-ever fantasy football HD web video series, produced each week of the season for ON Networks from 2007-2009. I created the show and produced, shot and edited all episodes, streamlining the process for extremely quick turnaround. We turned the camera on at 9am and by 1pm, the graphics-intensive episode was delivered.


Along with Slate, the Center and the other samples above, I've had the pleasure to work with:



Citizen Radio

ON Networks

The Butler Bros

RH Reality Check

Liaison Resources

And many more!


Producing, writing, shooting, designing, editing and even hosting -- if you have a new media or video project and like what you see here, let's chat.

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